Every new business should have a website, whether it’s for lead generation, e-commerce, or just general branding. Having even the most bare-bones site puts your business ahead of more than half of US small businesses, which don’t have a website at all. However, your site may not be helping your business as much as it could, or should. In fact, marketing researchers have found many design problems that work against the business the site is supposed to promote. Here are some common web design mistakes that confuse visitors, erode their trust, or run them off, along with suggestions for design improvements. Read Full Article at HostGator

  1. Slow-loading, wordy landing pages
  2. Design without market research
  3. Cluttered pages
  4. Too-trendy design
  5. Stale content
  6. Poor quality images
  7. Broken Links
  8. Bad logo design
  9. Hard-to-read or silly fonts
  10. Hard-to-find contact information and calls to action

If you feel that your website suffers from any of these maladies then please contact me to discuss