3 Ways Voice Search Will Shake Up Search Engine Optimization

3 Ways Voice Search Will Shake Up Search Engine Optimization

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The more that mobile devices permeate every aspect of our lives, the greater the impact they have on the way we search for content online. In the past, you had to use the right keywords if you wanted to find results quickly, but nowadays you can just ask your phone to do it for you.

Voice interaction is here to stay, and it’ll probably overhaul the way we tackle Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the long run. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways that voice interaction will impact SEO, and provide you with two simple methods for adapting your WordPress website to those changes. Let’s get started! Read Full Article at Elegant Themes

It’s all about achieving the instant answer that the Googles of the world supply at the top of the search result page. Let me help you with getting those long-tailed keywords into your content…

Sean Does Not Love Asparagus

Nice work boys!! It is truly phenomenal how much Sean hates asparagus. Thank you all for donating to the cause: https://www.youcaring.com/…

Sean raised $750 towards the fund for Matheo’s autism service dog. In exchange for the donations he wore a Habs jersey, shopped at Costco and ate asparagus. All things he despises.

A Picture is Still Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Still Worth a Thousand Words

Anyone know what kind of flower this is?

I took this photo during a hike of the Lions Bay Loop just off the Sea To Sky Highway. A lovely little 2 hour or so hike with minimal elevation gain and cool waterfall to check out.

But I digress…

The point I wanted to make was that high quality photography is crucial to the success of a website. And I wanted to show off this flower photo that i took. I’m rather proud of it 😉

You can have the best code/infrastructure/theme, the wittiest writing, but if your photos suck then your website will suck too and people will think that you or your company suck too. I dislike using the juvenile word suck, but I feel very strongly that superior photography matters to your business.

10 Common Website Design Mistakes And How To Fix Them

10 Common Website Design Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Source: https://www.hostgator.com/blog/…

Every new business should have a website, whether it’s for lead generation, e-commerce, or just general branding. Having even the most bare-bones site puts your business ahead of more than half of US small businesses, which don’t have a website at all. However, your site may not be helping your business as much as it could, or should. In fact, marketing researchers have found many design problems that work against the business the site is supposed to promote. Here are some common web design mistakes that confuse visitors, erode their trust, or run them off, along with suggestions for design improvements. Read Full Article at HostGator

  1. Slow-loading, wordy landing pages
  2. Design without market research
  3. Cluttered pages
  4. Too-trendy design
  5. Stale content
  6. Poor quality images
  7. Broken Links
  8. Bad logo design
  9. Hard-to-read or silly fonts
  10. Hard-to-find contact information and calls to action

If you feel that your website suffers from any of these maladies then please contact me to discuss


Canucks Jersey

Canucks Jersey

Re: https://www.nhl.com/canucks/…

When it comes to the Canucks jersey there is only one thing that matters at the moment. LOSE THE ORCA, NUCKS!!! #losetheorca

The orca represents the previous owners of the Vancouver Canucks, Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment. The orca logo does not represent the hockey team. Never has, never will.

We can discuss the merits of the Johnny Canuck logo, the stick-n-rink logo, etc, that would be lots of fun, but first the current owners need to commit to getting rid of the orca logo. NOW!!! Maybe we should start a change.org petition or a kickstarter campaign to pay for the logo change 🙂